Minggu, 08 Juli 2012

Welcoming Letter from The Owners of TMI Mailinglist & Blog:

Dear All Members,

Welcome to The Managers, the country’s largest community of professionals who wish to improve and sharpen their managerial and leadership skills in order to stay in the tough competition and whenever possible, climb a higher career ladder in the business world.

The Managers facilitates a friendly interaction and provides the opportunity to all of its members to share or exchange business information, personal development topics, specific soft and hard skills, philosophy, or even general information with another.

Inarguably, we believe the business world is more in need of better leaders than just qualified managers and we wish to narrow down the difference between a good manager and an influential leader. We believe that leaders are not borned and just like the managers, they are chiselled through years of learning and practise until finally, it becomes a character.

Good leaders will automatically attract followers with their confidence, their speech, their actions, and how they approach an issue from a more creative perspective by turning problem into challenges. In brief, a good leader possesses influential skills and clear vision on what is best for the overall organization.

Members of The Managers will enjoy the privilege of getting the first hand information of job vacancy and business opportunity from big firms or headhunters that are closely connected to us. Seminars and training conventions will also be available to its member to participate.

We believe in diversity and will appreciate the teamwork spirit from all members to be actively involved in our daily discussion. Feel free to introduce anyone to The Managers and have them send an email to themanagers_indonesia-owner@yahoogroups.com and their free membership will be processed immediately.

Last but not least, expand your networking and get ready to join our inner circle today. Let’s listen and learn from each other,Managers!

Warm Regards,
Ang Harry Tjahjono
Rky Refrinal Patiradjawane

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