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The Importance of Public Speaking Culminates in the Closing

By: Monika Sugiarto

 The Importance of Public Speaking
Culminates in the Closing

What is the importance of public speaking? It’s the spreading of knowledge, information or a vision to a group of people. And the reason for imparting this information in most cases is found in the ending or conclusion.

It makes sense therefore when starting to write a speech to think of the outcome first. What is it that you want to achieve with this particular presentation? The reason why speeches are not clear to the audience is the lack of focus. Most probably the speaker himself is not heading toward a specific goal.

That means that the closing of your presentation is very important. Don’t just stop speaking and stumble off the stage. Or even worse; many speakers are not able to stop speaking they simply do not know how. Craft an ending worthy of the noble or useful ideas you just presented. The thing the audience will remember most is the ending, the last thing they heard, and the beginning, the first thing they heard.

A basic organization of a good speech can be very simple, for example:

Tell them what you are going to tell them
then tell them
then tell them what you told them

You can use this advice literally and it works very well for many kinds of speeches. You can also refine this basic idea and use what is called a circular ending. Came back to the opening and use the same quote, with the full meaning and how it ties into your topic now crystal clear. Refer back to the story you used already or answer the statement or question from the opening.

Here are great ways to close your presentation:

If you are presenting a sales or persuasive talk, your ending has to ‘close the deal’. By the time you finish you should have the audience agreeing with you, wanting your offer or ready to implement the steps you propose for change. In this sense, your closing is the beginning of a new life for them.

If you plan a question and answer session, do it before your closing. At the end of your deliberations give the audience a chance to get more details and insights. Tell them how many questions or how much time you allocate for this session. When you are ready, close with the closing you have carefully prepared and rehearsed. This will guaranty that the audience hears your positive and dynamic words last; not some wired question or unsatisfactory answer.

As with the opening, make sure you end with style, clarity, and on a positive note. Give your audience something they can take home, cherish and ponder. They want your help, advice and hope that they can succeed too, exactly like you. They remember what you have said last and first. Do not forget the importance of public speaking!

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