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Tough competition has made the customers as subjects. As the subject, they emphasize companys products and services on values, interests and necessities that are based on the available data, opinions, and references from other people and from their own experience. They will compare the products and services with the competitors, and use the information to make decision. 


To obtain a solid position in the competition is definitely not easy. Nowadays, a traditional strategic positioning is not enough to face tough competition. One factor that is frequently neglected by the marketers is a relationship with customers. For this reason, JCG has developed a new model called a dynamic positioning. 

A company implements the dynamic positioning by establishing the corporate plannings and assembling the whole components to the market. These plannings are part of the entire organizational activities and actually influence every aspect of the company, such as: Corporate ImageProduct Planning Marketin Financial Health 


Nowadays, many executives and business circles have realized that customers decision is the main prerequisite for the continuity of the corporate. Companies must consider how to create not only satisfied but also loyal customers. Therefore, customer care becomes vital in organizational development.

To emphasize that the customer care is important for the company and its own customers, a win-win situation must always exist so that both sides can gain the benefits. One element in the customer care is surprise, when the company tries to give more and unexpected services for the customers, especially for the loyal ones. For example, by giving discounts to the customers who frequently use long distance calls to their friends or relatives. Such discounts are valid only to selected numbers and such offer is given by surprise. Only when the customers feel that they are cared for and will remain loyal to use the companys service. 

Know your customers as you know your family, give the maximum satisfaction and you will succeed. There are three things we need to carry out the customer care. First, we must determine in advance who our targetted customers are. Usually, it is decided by the high executives. Second, know your customers better than they know themselves. Third, emphasize to each and everyone in the organization to continuously assess successfulness in terms of the customers satisfaction in order to surpass customers expectation. 


Building the trust between the company and its customers will create a good quality of product and service and benefit the company. The JCG has developed a customer care model that illustrates a type of a trusting relationship between the company and its customers which may result in customer loyalty to the company.

The customer care is a form of service that bridges the customers with the company and satisfies customers needs and hopes. The relationship that occurs between the customers and the company will exceed any business connection, it will create partnership. The customers may give inputs to the company in form of suggestions and complaints which persuades the company to produce better products and services that are high in quality. Moreover, high quality products and services will allow the company to build the image and reputation to the customers hence it remains competitive in the market. 


Having a high quality of relationship with the customers directly or indirectly is the key to the companys success. Without them, all the hard efforts become worthless. Without them, the company becomes nonexistent.

Thus, the company must keep trying to maintain positive attitudes for the customers. By doing this, the company will be able to create a benefiting, long-lasting and permanent relationship.

Selasa, 12 Juni, 2012 11:17

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