Senin, 09 Januari 2012

What do you do with your worst day?

It was a beautiful Sunday and I came out of a fun Toastmasters Convention. I was ready for a great day; my car though was not! On Friday, I barely made it to the venue; the radiator of my old Kijang was leaking yet again.
But I had to pick up and take care of the famous Malaysian speaker Billy Lim, of ‘Dare to Fail’! I filled the radiator with water and off I went to the airport.
I waited at the gate but Billy did not show up, I called….. “Where are you Monika? I am waiting here at the airport at gate D”! He answered. “Oh brother, I was at the wrong gate!”
“Billy, please wait here, I’ll get the car”I said. But he insisted to come to the parking lot with me! I guess now he found me, he did not want to lose me again!
At the car, I discretely open the hood and filled the radiator again. “Sorry, Billy car troubles.” I said and off we went.“Billy is it ok, I stop at the gas station up front, there weren’t any on my way here.” I mumbled. How embarrassing! The fact was that I was anxious about the radiator; I completely missed to check the fuel gauge, until now.
We decided to also fill the radiator again. That is when the bottle that is attached to the radiator carrying extra fluids came off….. “Now what?” I thought. While I was running around to find some wire and water, Billy guarded the car.
In all the frantic activity, I stumbled over a hole in the ground and fell to my knee. My pants were torn and I was bleeding, I was in pain! “Forget it!” I thought. “Hopefully Billy does not see this. How clumsy can I Monika be?”
When I reached the car, Billy was smiling broadly; he had been able to tie the bottle to the radiator. I had found water and off we went again. There were so many things we needed to discuss concerning the event the next day. While we were driving and chatting I kept an eye on my dash board and kept my knee in a comfortable position, so that it did not hurt so much. We arrived at the hotel what seemed to be only a few minutes.
Alone in the parking garage, I cleaned and dressed my knee. Lucky I just came out of a convention and had some cloths to change into. When I found Billy in the lobby, he was deeply in thought about his presentation tomorrow; I don’t think he even noticed I had changed. His presentation the next day was a big success. 
When we parted, he smiled and said: “ it was nice meeting you. We had a great day yesterday; a fine story to tell in my next presentation. I will cherish the photos I made.”

My conclusion as a speaker: “ Bad days are great sources of stories for your next presentations.”
What is yours? Let me know your opinion on what I or we could learn from my bad day?
Awaiting your participation with great interest
Happy to serve

Monika Sugiarto
Rabu, 4 Januari, 2012 04:21

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